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Welcome to WLink. This page contains the Terms and Conditions for using the wlink.id site ("Site"). Please take your time to read the Terms and Conditions before you access our Site further.

These Terms and Conditions and Other Conditions apply and bind all users of this Site, both free and paid users. By having an account on Our Site, and accessing and using Our Site, you are agreeing to and are bound and legally subject to these Terms and Conditions. Any updates that we make in these Terms and Conditions will be displayed on the Site. You are required to view, read and learn about these updates. For your convenience, we advise you to visit this page and read these Terms and Conditions from time to time each time you enter Our Site. Any use of the Site which is performed after the update is displayed online, will be considered as your acceptance and submission to the Terms and Conditions in effect at that time.


wlink.id, is a site that is created, owned and managed at this time by individuals.

  1. These Terms and Conditions are our intellectual property rights which are protected by copyright. Any use of these Terms and Conditions by any party other than Us, including but not limited to making extracts or copies of the Terms and Conditions or use for other purposes, including among others for commercial purposes in disseminating information without our knowledge and authorization is prohibited use. Violations of our intellectual property rights may be subject to action or sanctions based on applicable legal provisions.
  2. We support Digital Marketing services by using URL short links and can be utilized according to their respective uses in accordance with their intended use by each user registered with us both for free and paid use.
  3. The features that we present to paid or premium users are in accordance with the terms and conditions that we set as per the procedure in our policy.


  1. In these Terms and Conditions, "Account" means your account registered with the Site, which you use to carry out activities on the Site. "You" means Site Users, both free and paid version users. "Working Day" means the day in 1 (one) calendar week where people work, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays. "We" means wlink or related. "Other Provisions" means the provisions of the Product Cancellation, Exchange and Return Policy and Privacy Policy, which form an integral and inseparable part of these Terms and Conditions. "Service" means information, services and / or functions provided on the Site. "System" means (a) a system, platform, software, program, or internet network both separately and jointly and as a whole that is managed and used on the Site to support the operation of the Site and the implementation of marketing, sales, delivery and / or payment of Products through the Site and the provision of other services as available on the Site, which connect us and the customer, and (b) manual systems, procedures and mechanisms mutually agreed upon in writing by the Parties in terms of systems, platforms, software, programs, or internet networks as referred to in letter (a) above has not yet or not operated due to certain conditions or causes (including but not limited to in the event of damage or maintenance being carried out on the system, platform, software, programs, or internet network as referred to in letter (a ) above.
  2. References to "articles" or "clauses" are articles or clauses in these Terms and Conditions.
  3. The titles and subtitles in these Terms and Conditions are for ease of reference only and will not affect the interpretation or construction of these Terms and Conditions. Words that convey the singular are considered also include the plural and vice versa. The words convey gender includes every gender and references to people or parties include individuals, companies, corporations, companies or partnerships. References to "including" or similar words or expressions, means without limitation.


To register and have an Account on the Site, you are required to fulfill the following cumulative registration requirements:

  1. Have an active e-mail to activate the account.
  2. Users are at least 13 years old and understand the consequences of using internet services.


In using this Site, you, whether intentional or unintentional, are prohibited from:

  1. Misuse this Site for any purpose that is against the law.
  2. Mengirimkan, menyebarkan dan/atau mendistribusikan virus ke dalam atau melalui Situs dalam bentuk apapun termasuk namun tidak terbatas pada trojan horse, worm dan logic bomb.
  3. Transmit or post any dangerous material or technology into or through the Site.
  4. Transmit or post any dancommitting any violation of any rights of any party including the intellectual property rights of us or other partiesgerous material or technology into or through the Site.
  5. Take an act of pretending or claiming to be a person or other entity or certain party, providing information, identity or information that is false, incorrect or false.
  6. In any way act, write or spread things that are offensive, insulting, violating decency and politeness or causing interference with public order.
  7. Enter or gain unauthorized access and / or disrupt or disrupt computer systems or networks that connect or connect to the Service and / or the Site.
  8. Damage the data on the Site.
  9. Annoying other users.
  10. Send unsolicited advertisements or promotional materials to the Site.
  11. Try to influence the performance or function of each computer facility or access to the entire Site.
  12. Disrupt, intercept and / or other actions that harm or cause the Site and / or server of the Site and / or hosting owned by the Site to be not going well.

Every violation of these Terms and Conditions is a violation of the provisions of the law and / or legislation in force in the Republic of Indonesia. In the event that a violation occurs, we will take all legal actions in accordance with applicable legal provisions.


  1. Other Terms and Conditions and Conditions imposed by Us constitute the entire agreement between you and us regarding the use of the Site. Any waiver of one or more of the Terms and Conditions and / or Other Conditions will only be effective if made in writing, officially and signed by the authorized party to act for and on behalf of you and us.
  2. Transactions that occur between the Customer and us will be based on the agreement of the parties by observing and adhering to the Terms and Conditions and Other Conditions, except in the case that we enter into a special agreement that is separate from the Customer, which constitutes an integral and inseparable part. of these Terms and Conditions.


1. Registration

  • To be able to use this Site, you are required to fulfill the Registration Requirements as specified in Article 3 of these Terms and Conditions. You must provide data, information and information to us accurately, completely, correctly and not misleadingly. Regulations regarding your data relating to personal data will be regulated in our Privacy Policy.
  • If there is a change in your data it is your personal responsibility and cannot be associated with us as a service provider.

2. Upgrade Account

  • The information specified in the Terms and Conditions and Other Terms and details contained on this Site do not constitute a service offering. New transactions will be considered to occur or arise when:
    - A charge arises at the request for an account upgrade.
    - Choice of one of several payment methods provided, namely Payment using PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card; AND
    - The things mentioned above have been recognized and approved by us as stated in the Order Confirmation.
  • To make improvements, users can choose the desired package on the Site, then proceed by making a booking between the user and us on the Site. We reserve the right from time to time to withdraw any service from this Site and / or delete, replace, update, add, reduce, adjust, edit and / or change all material or content on the Site including Product Information.
  • Customers have 1 x 24 hours or 24 (twenty four) hours from the request for service improvement to the agreement stage between the user and us. If you exceed the charge line, the request will be automatically canceled.

3. Price and Payment

  • All service information displayed on the Site is information provided by WLink. The price of the service that binds the user is the price of the service displayed on the Site when the user submits an account upgrade request between the user and WLink.
  • The price of services displayed on the Site and listed in the Order includes taxes that must be paid by users in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Please note that users will be charged additional fees as applicable where these additional costs do not include Product Prices and will be clearly displayed and included in the 'Final Amount' of the price and cost that the Customer must pay for the Order ("Payment Price").
  • The user can choose one of the payment methods below for the usage package on the service between the user and WLink.
    - PayPal is a third-party payment service that we use for payment methods internationally. Users can use this service if the user has a PayPal account and can directly make payments to us. Any additional costs incurred in PayPal that are outside of our conditions. User data on these services is outside of our responsibility and users can act wisely about payment data security.
    - Pay with a Bank Account or Credit Card. This service is an alternative to payment in point 1 as explained above all data security and transactions that occur are the responsibility of the user with the payment service provider. We are exempt from various demands or actions issued by the user if the user's account experiences an unwanted event.
  • Every payment for our Services will be based on one of the two methods of payment above. Accordingly, the User declares and agrees that the User has sufficient funds available to make payments for the Order.
  • The right of access to the service will be part of the account that is used when upgrading the service in accordance with what was ordered by the user in accordance with the time specified. If the user does not extend the usage period of our service, the service will automatically stop.
  • For each method of payment as stated above, the Customer may choose to make payment for each order by using the services provided by one of the services listed on the Site in accordance with the provisions.

4. User ID and Password

  • Your user ID and password are confidential codes and the authority is yours. All misuse of passwords and User ID is your full responsibility. You hereby release and release us from all claims, claims and / or claims in any form and by any means that may arise or be submitted, either from any third party or from yourself as a result of misuse of your User ID and / or password, except if the abuse is caused due to our real mistakes or negligence.

5. Restrictions

  • From time to time, we reserve the right to impose limits on user orders in a cumulative Transaction or Transaction, whether in certain days, time periods and / or periods. These booking restrictions will be based on our decisions and considerations. The customer hereby agrees to comply with the booking restrictions set by us.


The provisions regarding product returns and refunds will be regulated in the wlink.id Service Cancellation Policy which is an inseparable part of these Terms and Conditions.


  • We are not responsible for costs, losses or damage of any kind, including but not limited to:
    - Direct, indirect, special and / or consequential losses,
    - Loss of loss of use, profits, data or other forms,
    - Damages for defamation or reputation, or
    - Product procurement costs, each arising from or related to use, inability to use, performance or failure of the Site and / or any content, content, material, data,

    Description, images or information displayed on the Site or placed or contained on the Site,
    as long as these costs, losses or damages are not caused by our mistakes and / or negligence that can be proven clearly. We make no representations and / or guarantees that the Site is free of viruses and / or other dangerous material on the Site that may result in the malfunctioning of the media, networks, systems and / or equipment that you use to access this Site. You hereby agree and commit yourself to acquitting and releasing us from any claims, demands and / or claims from you or any loss that you have experienced in connection with it.
  • We are not responsible to you or to other parties for losses suffered by you and / or any party caused by the failure, delay and / or disconnection of the Service. In connection with the foregoing, the Customer agrees that the Customer cannot submit claims, claims and / or claims in any form to us for any loss or damage arising.
  • You hereby expressly state and agree that your use of the Site is at your own risk based on your own initiative without coercion from us. These Terms and Conditions and Other Conditions cannot be considered, interpreted or interpreted as a guarantee from Us:
    - For the compatibility of the Site with the media, networks, systems and / or equipment that you use to access this Site,
    - That this Site is free from interruptions, viruses and / or bugs,
    - That the Site is impeccable,
    - That the results of processing Orders through the Site are always accurate and reliable, and
    - Any deficiencies in the Site, whether submitted by you or that we find ourselves will be fixed.


  • You must and hereby agree to compensate for all losses suffered by us, and defend and release and release us or our owners, directors, officers, employees, consultants and affiliates from any and all:
    - Claims, reprimands, claims and / or claims from any party in any form,
    - Obligations, damages, expenses and / or costs (including but not limited to, legal costs) incurred or experienced,
    in connection with or as a result of your use of this Site or your violation of these Terms and Conditions, Other Conditions and the provisions of the laws and regulations that apply in connection with the use of this Site.


  1. We will carry out our obligations in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and Other Conditions.
  2. We place great value on your satisfaction. You can contact us at any time at the address as stated on the Site. We will endeavor to provide a solution to your complaint related to the use of the Site as soon as possible and will contact you for examination of related complaints.
  3. You understand and realize that your email can be filtered by our spam filters or not sent to us, or the correspondence that we send to you does not reach you or you cannot receive. If you do not receive a response from us within 3 (three) business days after sending your complaint email, you can contact us again.


Please see our Privacy Policy which is an inseparable part of these Terms and Conditions.


  • We are not responsible to you for any violations, obstacles or delays in the implementation of the Transaction or these Terms and Conditions caused by force majeure or any circumstances or conditions beyond our control, including but not limited to:
    - Strikes, lock-outs or other actions.
    - Civil commotion, riots, invasions, terrorist attacks or threats of terrorist attacks, war (whether stated or not) or threats or preparations for war.
    - Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, landslide, plague or other natural disaster.
    - The impossibility of using trains, sending aircraft, motorized transportation or other means of transportation, whether public or private.
    - Acts, decisions, laws, regulations or restrictions of the government, shipments, postal or other related transportation strike, failure or accident; and / or
    - Damage to the network or computer system or internet system on Our Site.
  • We have absolute discretion to determine the solution we will take to fulfill our obligations under the Transaction in the event of an event as referred to in article 12.1 above.


  1. Every notification to the Customer regarding the Transaction will be given via email to the relevant party at the last known address or e-mail address.
  2. Notifications sent by email are deemed to have been received by the person concerned within two (2) calendar days from the date the email was sent.
  3. In proving the delivery of a notification, it is sufficiently proven by electronic proof that the email has actually been sent.


  1. All contents, content, material, data, descriptions, images and information displayed on the Site or placed or contained on the Site include but are not limited to text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, titles Our campaign and / or compilation of data, and advertisements fully belong to us or we have obtained the rights of rights holders or licensors who are protected by applicable laws and regulations. You are not permitted to publish, manipulate, distribute, copy, distribute and / or reproduce in any way or form, one or more contents, content, material, data, descriptions, images and information displayed on the Site (including Product Information ) and copies for any purpose including but not limited to your business needs or cooperation with any party.
  2. Any graphics, logos, page titles, button icons, text, and service names included in or available on the Site are trademarks owned by us or the licensee, protected by copyright laws that apply in Indonesia and apply in other jurisdictions. . The wlink.id trademark may not in any way and under any circumstances be used in connection with goods, services, products and / or other things not available on the Site, including in any way that may or may cause confusion among the public or Customers or in a way that demeans or discredit us or the Site. All trademarks or other intellectual property rights not owned by us that appear on the Site are the property of their respective owners.
  3. You may not use any part of Our Site or any part or all of the content, content, material, data, descriptions, images or information displayed on the Site or placed or contained on Our Site for any purpose including but not limited to commercial purposes without obtaining a direct and official license and in writing in advance from us or the licensee concerned. In the event that we become aware of a violation of intellectual property rights, we may take legal action in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  4. If you print, copy or download any part of Our Site but violate one or more of these Terms and Conditions, your right to use the Site will be terminated immediately without prior notice and without permission from you and you are obliged to, as determined or Our policy, returning or destroying any copies of content, content, material, data, descriptions, images or information displayed on the Site or that are placed or contained on Our Site that you have created or accessed or have owned by you. You are not permitted in any way to modify, translate, decompile, disassemble or make derivative works based on the software or the accompanying documentation provided by us or by the licensee concerned.


We will make every effort to comply with any statutory provisions relating to the management of the Site. However, there are conditions where advertisers on the Site act out of control and beyond our capabilities, which may violate applicable laws and regulations. In such case, the responsibility for the violation is entirely the responsibility of advertisers on the Site and you agree to release and release us from these responsibilities.


  1. You are prohibited from building links in such a way as to show the form of association, approval or support from us without our consent.
  2. You are not allowed to create links from any site that is not owned by you.
  3. This site must not be framed on other sites, and you are prohibited from linking to your site on the Site page, and you are not allowed to link to any part of this Site other than the front page. We reserve the right to withdraw the link permission or link without notice to you and without your consent.
  4. We are not responsible for the content and content of links outside the Site or sites provided or posted by third parties, whether entered by unnamed Customers or by Our partners or by any party. By displaying links, sites or third party content on the Site, it cannot be interpreted or assumed or assumed that we or any of the affiliated parties, officials, officers or employees have a cooperative relationship with these third parties.


  • You declare and guarantee that you have known, read and understood well all the provisions of the law and legislation relating to anti-bribery and corruption that apply in Indonesia, including the Criminal Code, Law Number 11 of 1980 concerning Bribery and Law Number 31 of 1999 jo. Law No. 20 of 2001 concerning the Eradication of Corruption and all changes, additions or provisions to implement it ("Regulations on Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption") in every business transaction and activities carried out in connection with us, and will not take any action that violates or may violate Regulations on Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption. Therefore, you hereby agree that:
    - You will not hire and retain anyone who is a government official or employee, including employees of a corporation, agent, or entity that is owned or controlled by the government, unless the services retained are genuine consulting work and - if necessary - retained officials has obtained approval from the competent authority / employer for the said consulting service.
    - You will not, directly or indirectly, pay, offer, promise or permit to pay or divert money or anything of value of any value, including gifts, political contributions, facilitation or charitable payments, to any party, including officials or private or government employees, or to political parties or candidates for political office, with the aim of influencing decisions that benefit your business or us, which are contrary to the Regulations on Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption.
    - You will fulfill and ensure that each of the leaders, owners, shareholders, officers, directors, employees and agents comply with, all Regulations regarding Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption that apply in every business transaction and activities carried out in connection with us.
    - You will always take all reasonable steps to ensure that every person and entity employed or associated with you in connection with us will not violate these provisions or the Regulations on Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption.
    - You will immediately notify us in writing in the event that the person you hired or associated is a government official, official or political party candidate, unless the service being retained is genuine consultation work and - if necessary - the retained official has obtained the necessary approval from the authorities / competent employer for the intended consulting service.
    - You will maintain correct and accurate records as needed to demonstrate compliance with these Terms and Conditions and Other Conditions and will provide us with written certification of compliance on a simple request.
    - We reserve the right to audit your books and records, as long as necessary, for the purpose of assessing compliance with our provisions, depending on the reasonableness of the place, date and time of the intended audit, as long as those books and records relate to your performance in relation to us.
  • You will immediately notify us in writing if you know of any of our employees who violate or should be suspected of violating one or more of these provisions, including the provisions of the Regulations on Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption in carrying out their work with you.
  • You will release, release and compensate us from all kinds of lawsuits and / or damages arising and filed by other parties related to your violations and / or negligence for one or more of these provisions and the Regulations on Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption , including your negligence to carry out its obligations under the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article. All statements, actions and promises made or made by you to other third parties that violate this provision or the Regulations on Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption are statements, actions and promises made and are your own responsibility, and do not represent us.


The Site Content and all information provided therein are provided "as is" and "as available" without any warranty, expressed or implied, and you agree to use this Site and the content as it is at your own risk. We make no representations, warranties, or guarantees of any kind, express or implied, or vice versa, oral or written, directly or indirectly, including without limitation, any statement, guarantee, or guarantee of trading, conformity to the public or for a particular purpose, for non-infringement, accuracy or completeness of the answers, results, or absence of viruses, in connection with the Site and the contents of the Site, or any other matter relating to the Site.


If any clause in these Terms and Conditions becomes or is declared invalid, is legally flawed or cannot be carried out under applicable law or by an authorized court, it will not affect the provisions, articles, or other parts of these Terms and Conditions, and all of them will remain valid and legally binding.


There are no provisions in the Terms and Conditions that create a partnership, agent or employer and employee relationship between you and us.


No person or party outside you and us has the right or right to benefit from the contract between you and us and these Terms and Conditions.


The Terms and Conditions and all contractual obligations arising from or relating to other Terms and Conditions and Conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with Indonesian law. In the event of a dispute relating to the Terms and Conditions, Other Conditions and other contractual relationships, we and you agree to settle all such disputes through the Local District Court. All transactions, correspondence and contacts between us and you will be made or carried out in Indonesian or Indonesian, accompanied by an English translation.


We reserve the right to update these Terms and Conditions at any time by displaying them on the Site. You hereby agree that you are required to view and read the update. If you disagree, agree, object or reject the renewal, you are requested to immediately stop your use and / or access to the Site, and deactivate your Account. If you do not do these things, then you are deemed to have agreed to and agreed to and received updates from these Terms and Conditions. Any use of the Site after the update is displayed online, will be considered as acceptance and submission of yourself to the renewal of the Terms and Conditions in effect at that time. Every time you submit an order to the Site, you agree that you do so and are subject to the Terms and Conditions that apply on the date you submit your order. You are responsible and responsible for reading, reviewing and understanding the latest Terms and Conditions every time you submit your order.We and you hereby agree to waive the provisions of paragraphs 2 and 3 of Article 1266 of the Indonesian Civil Code, provided that a court decision is needed to terminate these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on September 4, 2019